Today was a good day. After the rubbish day we spent yesterday waiting for the Deutsche Telekom person, with a rather cranky feverish child and an erratic dog, I have welcomed today.

We went to the Deutsches Technikmuseum after a recommendation from Jenni Fuchs at Museum Diary .

The Technikmuseum takes you through the history of old & new technologies across a huge range of industries such as aerospace, rail, nautical engineering, telecommunications, photography & film and more…there is absolutely loads and loads to see. Despite having to pay to get in (fairly common in Berlin) it’s totally worth the entry fee (8 Euro). Plus kids under 6 are free!

Milo loves an aeroplane & a train so this was basically the perfect place to take the little bod for a morning. And we did just that. We walked around all the planes, all the trains & the trams making wow noises at various large pieces of engineering wonder. Milo only banged his head twice on glass cabinets..ooops! And he only once tried to haul a large metal object out of place 😉 .

There are lots of aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling and on display.  You can also look into cross-sections of some. It was really very impressive. There was a huge range of aircraft from across German history, with loads of information about the planes themselves, as well as the people flying them.  There are also lots of interactive exhibits with video and audio – great for older kids.

Below is the face of a child totally in awe of the aeroplane hanging from the ceiling 🙂

The rail section is equally impressive, with huge trains and trams to look at and into and even under. There are also scaled models of trains and trams from across history. We even watched a steam train demonstration, which Milo absolutely loved!

Overall he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.  We had a snack at one of the designated snack benches (what a great idea) then explored some more. We didn’t make it beyond the Aerospace & Rail sections today so there is still plenty to see next time.

It’s a great place to go. It would be particularly brilliant for older kids who would get so much out of the museum from a learning perspective. I’ll be taking my nieces & nephew here when they come and visit, so we will definitely be back.

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8 thoughts on “Deutsches Technikmuseum

  1. Looks great. We were in the Deutsches Museum in Munich quite recently, and this would appear to be rather similar. Love the idea of the snack bench! And were you alone in the museum??? Weekday mornings in the off-season are THE time to visit, right? 😉 Greetings from Luxembourg #CulturedKids

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    1. Thanks!! We had a lot of fun. Snack benches are such a good idea 🙂 a highlight indeed! Just in-between rooms, so perfect en-route to the next exhibit snack stop. We were early birds as well so it was super quiet, which I love. Perfect for the little one & for me not to worry he was bumping into bigger kids. Hope you enjoyed yourselves in Munich, it’s such a lovely & impressive city!


    1. The free museums in London is a truly brilliant thing. We have only just moved from London to Berlin. We lived near the Horniman, which is mostly free and used to pop in so often. It’s a bit different here and I think the main thing is that you wouldn’t just ‘pop’ in but the museums and galleries are fabulous and so if you go for a proper day out they are more than worth the fee. Plus they do run special free entry days every so often! This was a great place. Thanks for invite to #CulturedKids. Have loved reading the posts.


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