We embarked on a mini-mission a couple of weeks ago to explore a bit of art in Berlin. Myself & Milo have been up to some lovely arty things, so here is a little round-up.


The absolute highlight for Milo (and myself) has been his Little Art Lab art workshop. The Little Art Lab is a wonderful place in Prenzlauer Berg that runs various creative workshops and courses for little people. We signed up for Art Explorer which basically enables Milo to explore, paint, get messy, play with clay, play with paints and whatnot to his little heart’s content. It has been wonderful to watch him here. We have only done two sessions and are looking forward to many more artful mornings there.


Check out the  Little Art Lab website for more information.

We’ve also spent many mornings and afternoons wandering around Kreuzberg & Schoeneberg, two lovely districts in Berlin, on the lookout for Street Art. We have found so much great stuff. This really is the city to explore street art if you’re interested. Here are a few pictures from our wanderings.

(Nollendorfplatz, Schoenberg)

(Winterfeldplatz, Schoeneberg)

(Bergmankiez, Kreuzberg)

(Nollendorfstrasse, Schoeneberg)

We also met an actual artist! Milo was introduced to the wonderful Stephanie Imbeau who has an installation at the Green Hill Gallery in Friedrichshain. If anyone has ever lived in London and remembers the umbrellas outside the Channel 4 offices near Victoria, she did those! Her stuff is pretty awesome. In fact you can watch a video all about it HERE. It was great to meet her & we hope to see more of her in Berlin.

And finally we visited the Bauhaus Archive, a wonderful museum dedicated to the architecture of the Bauhaus Movement. There is a great programme of kids events and workshops here, particularly during school holidays. We loved it!


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