So what exactly is Love Arts Berlin I hear you say?

It’s me! (the one on the left!).

My name is Kit, an Arts & Culture loving photographer who has recently moved from London to Berlin. I’ve come with my husband Oli, young son Milo and an energetic dog called Mustard (not pictured…too much energy for photos).

And why? 

I’ve started Love Arts Berlin to encourage me and my family explore Berlin’s rich arts and cultural offerings. But alongside this I’d love to inspire other expat families in the city to explore what’s going on, as there really is a lot!  As is already fairly obvious to most people, Berlin is an arts rich city, a culturally fascinating city, but as well as that it can also be daunting as a newbie…

Having visited many times but thus far never actually lived here, I already think this city is awesome! I also think arts & cultural stuff is awesome, and what better way to explore a new city than to engage with it in this way.

So what now? 

I’m going to be seeking out lots of friendly family events and activities. I’ll be finding things that I hope families will like, that kids of varying ages will love and that can generally encourage everyone to get creative in the city.

There’ll be a bit of chit-chat about arts and cultural stuff that interests me, as well as giving a nod to what it’s like being an English expat (a creative one, mind) in this fair German capital.

I like thinking about and exploring art, theatre, film, music, photography, dance and more. I love taking photographs too, having previously studied, freelanced and taught photography.  I’d like to inspire people to do the same.

I also like leaving my kid with friendly babysitters, so I might shove a few adult only options in too.

Berlin is a city bursting with arts events, cultural activities, family friendly things and whatnot. There is so much to see, do, experience and be inspired by. I can’t wait to get a wriggle on and explore Berlin!

So if this up your street, please do hop by to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!





2 thoughts on “Hallo Berlin!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Can’t wait to read more about Berlin – never been but would love to go. Neil Mac Gregor from the British museum has just moved to Berlin to head up one of their museums – I’m sure you are in for a treat!

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    1. Hello! I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen your message here (fail!) thanks for the welcome. It’s proving to be great here so far, and that’s wonderful about the ex-British Museum guy – I love the BM so that can only be a good thing. Hope you’re all good & enjoying some nice getaways soon!


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